We are a team of advisors who professionally assist our Clients and Partners within the area of communication with the media, the market and employees, as well as current and prospective business partners. What we recommend are solutions due to which our Clients are assisted through the strategic decision-making process and which allow to build transparent, effective and ethical relations with stakeholders.
We have proven to be experts on developing and implementing solutions which are adequate to business activities we pursue in the area of social communication. We do understand and regularly analyse the processes which occur in policy, economy and the media.
We focus on building and implementing a comprehensive system of communication, starting from audit and evaluation of needs for information, through developing a relevant strategy, its implementation and a complex supervision over the effects of the recommended activities.
Our Clients are provided with know-how and tools which contribute to establishing of a competitive advantage and strengthening a market position. Due to a long-term experience and specialist knowledge, we create an image our Clients desire to establish, whilst focusing on fact that the message is to be heard and understood, and achieved effects are to be long-term and to satisfy expectations and business needs.

PRIMO experts have acquired and used their experience and knowledge when working for the companies from the following sectors:
• energy and fuels
• industry
• finance
• construction (development)
• armaments industry
• science
• telecommunication / new technologies

We strive for increasing the quality of communication and providing professional assistance to our team of experienced consultants.

The Clients appreciate and value PRIMO for:
• professional services
• involvement and reliability
• innovative approach and solution adjusted to a specific business of each Client

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