Corporate PR

Corporate PR means the image of the entrepreneurship, the way it is perceived by the environment, both this close and the further one. It is one of the main company’s assets, which can contribute to its success, financial results and favor or reluctance of the decision-makers, potential investors or clients. Every company communicates with several groups: the employees, customers or shareholders. As a daily practice the company should care about its image and good name, however, in particular circumstances it should be disposed to its alternation, e.x.: entering new market, implementation of changes within the company’s structure, changing target group, sale of its assets, reduction of employment or implementing new range of services, products or solutions.

 The team of Primo Corporate Advisory consultants with considerable experience within Corporate PR supports our Clients in the following scope of activities:

• Internal communication and management in the process of corporate change (audit of existing communication system, creating and launching internal communication strategies, communicating difficult issues)
• Crisis Management
• CSR (Social Corporate Responsibility)
• B2B communication

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